HPC provides a catalyst for a dynamic exchange of information and experiences among its members, and fosters deeper collaboration and exploration on business practices and approaches with regard to the development, operation and sustainability of social housing in Canada.

Housing Partnership Canada is a member of the International Housing Partnership, a peer network of non-profit Housing Providers from Canada, Australia, the UK and USA with the aim of providing safe, secure and affordable homes.

Our Goals

HPC seeks to establish a table at which the CEOs of Canadian larger social/affordable housing providers can meet to collaborate on strategies and policies that improve all aspects of organizational/operational performance and maximize value. 

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One of the chief goals of HPC is to support and promote innovation and creative approaches with regard to the future of affordable housing.  HPC’s major initiatives explore issues faced broadly by housing providers across Canada and present options to develop new tools to drive business transformation.

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Our membership represents some of the most influential organizations within the housing sector.  HPC’s membership includes individuals and organizations which have had a demonstrated impact in their communities; are recognized leaders; demonstrate innovation and creativity and who are committed to working in a collaborative relationship (including joint venture or business relationships) to improve the provision of affordable housing in Canada.   

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