HPC members are non-profit or public housing organizations whose primary mission is to develop, preserve, operate, manage and/or finance affordable housing and community facilities, and provide related support services to moderate and low income households.  

HPC member organizations have strong executive leadership, professional management staff and systems, a demonstrated track record of financial integrity and performance and a commitment to collaborating with peers to improve current industry practices and pursue new opportunities

Is HPC right for you?

Organization members are typically organizations that fit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • An operating budget of $1M or more

  • Financial capability and business stability with a track record of sound performance

  • A demonstrated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement

  • A history of collaborating with industry peers and the community to improve current industry practices and pursue new opportunities

  • Strong business relationships and partnerships with local, provincial and federal government as well as the private sector

  • A recognized leader in the provision of housing and services

  • Its housing-related initiatives have a large-scale impact in its area or region

What does membership entail?

  • The representative of each member organization is the chief executive

  • All member organizations are expected to invest the time, expertise and leadership of their staff in order to sustain HPC’s dynamic peer network

  • Members are expected to acknowledge and demonstrate a commitment to participation and co-operation in pursuit of the objectives of HPC

  • Members are expected to attend at least one of the two annual in-person networking meetings, as well as attend conference call meetings of the full membership throughout the year

  • Members are encouraged to participate in or lead a working or advisory group

  • Members may attend, at their discretion, the meeting of the International Housing Partnership

  • Members must pay an annual membership fee